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  • Jeanne Lee

Reducing the Posts, But Not the Dedication!

I wanted to let you know of changes up ahead:

I'm reducing blog posts to once or twice monthly for the time being.

I've decided to let go of the one minute videos because I've struggled trying to explain palliative care concepts and perspectives in just a minute.

I may start posting an audio format of previous blog posts.

At a time when I was plateauing at work (several years ago), I'm grateful I had this outlet to share my knowledge and perspectives obtained from guiding thousands of patients and family members through difficult medical decision making and conversations on serious topics. My purpose was to give; I had no intention to gain. Then the blog evolved into writing practice for my book, Own Your Care, which I had started writing June 2020.

Now I'm working in a new palliative care position in a new setting with a new set of leadership and teaching responsibilities. My four (once tiny) children are growing older and therefore requiring more involvement with their schools, extracurriculars, and family activities. And I'm setting aside a bit of time each week to promote my recently published book.

I still have perspectives to share! Though posting frequency will reduce, my dedication to giving as many people as possible the tools to advocate for their best medical care remains strong.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time.


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